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Thx notes are peer-to-peer digital messages

Easily compose and send Thx notes

Make your school's culture visible with GiveThx data

Learn and reflect

The GiveThx app collects Thx notes sent and received in one accessible location. Students can see their data and reflect on their feedback. The app helps them identify goals and complete gratitude lessons.

Grow skills, build relationships

Learn and reflectGiveThx is a powerful, integrated system that supports individual wellbeing and creates a healthier school climate. Students use GiveThx to develop self-awareness, strengthen self-esteem, and improve relationships.

GiveThx provides teachers and school leaders with an effective, data-driven program to nurture a positive climate and support skill-building for all students.

A year in review: The role of gratitude and maintaining connection during a year of remote learning

Impact reports capture data at individual, class and school levels

See every received thank you note in one place sorted by reason to understand how you impact those around you.
Monitor and facilitate connection and skill development for your class.
See and guide school with student and staff belonging, engagement, and skill development data.
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"A daily dose of gratitude" - GiveThx featured in EdSource podcast