Help all students feel safe, valued, and connected

GiveThx’s program is grounded in safety, equity, and inclusion. It consists of three components: a student-centered curriculum, an online platform, and a suite of professional development trainings.

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A year in review: The role of gratitude and maintaining connection during a year of remote learning

Benefits of the GiveThx Program

GiveThx’s research-validated digital program strengthens student wellbeing and social-emotional skills using the science of gratitude.

Builds student and staff wellbeing

GiveThx supports educators in addressing student mental health by establishing routines that facilitate a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety.

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Strengthens school culture and climate

A school culture grounded in connection and belonging enables student success. Students and staff who feel valued are more likely to positively engage with school.

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Improves academic performance

Grateful students are found to be more motivated and more academically engaged, and gratitude is positively associated with increased academic achievement.

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GiveThx Program Components

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Something about our impact

Build a healthy school community with daily thank you notes


Students send digital thank you notes to peers or school staff.


Students are recognized and appreciated for their behaviors.


Students develop healthy behaviors, peer and adult  relationships, and self-esteem.


Teachers monitor and coach to nurture positive climate and belonging for all. 

GiveThx's software is used on all devices, in just a few minutes a day. Students send digital Thx notes to each other and to school staff. They recognize positive behaviors, learn about their strengths, and share appreciations - anywhere, anytime.

Thank you notes are supported by GiveThx's curriculum and Practice Guide. These flexible resources support make it easy for teachers to introduce gratitude practices and Thx notes into their classrooms.

Three Program Options

The practice of gratitude is a powerful way to support metacognitive skill development and student mindsets that are critical for academic success.
Educators can use GiveThx Gratitude Practices to foster SEL skill development within the content areas they teach as a means to advancing academic achievement. 

A positive school culture that promotes connection and wellbeing is foundational for student success. Advisory programs in middle and high schools and class meeting time in elementary school provide perfect opportunities for implementing a GiveThx program to help meet the need for positive relationship-building.

Building staff belonging, trust, and collaboration is essential to helping educators achieve new levels of professional growth. Instructional leaders aiming to promote a culture of feedback and collegiality can adopt GiveThx practices to acknowledge faculty and positive contributions to the school community.

Dig deeper into the GiveThx Practices Library

The GiveThx curriculum offers a huge range of gratitude practices that work for elementary, middle, and high schools. It makes it easy for teachers to adapt the program for their classrooms, and use the app effectively.

Check out how to build gratitude practices into daily routines and make it the part of the day your students look forward to.

Browse our Gratitude Practices Library

Program Pricing & Professional Learning

GiveThx offers an account-based subscription plan with many professional learning
add-ons to improve use and increase impact

School Program Subscription

$3 per student annually ($500 minimum per school)
Unlimited Teacher & Staff accounts
Setup & Support (1 hr included)
Library of Gratitude Curriculum & Practices
Unlimited Email Support
Customizable SEL Tags
School Monitoring Dashboard & Analytics


Professional Development

$500 per training module
Tailored facilitation and implementation plan
Equity & Identity-Safety focused trainings
Facilitated All-Staff GiveThx Program Kick-off
Building Community Practices for the School Year
Staff Wellbeing Workshop & Support
Competency-based Social Emotional Learning

New - Free Implementation through June 2021!

How to bring GiveThx to your school

Teacher Ambassador

$0 for first 3 months
XYZ Student Accounts
1 Teacher accounts
Email Support
Library of Gratitude Curriculum & Practices
Professional Development (2 hrs free)
Customizable SEL Tags
School Monitoring Dashboard

Staff-only Implementation

n/a per student annually
0 Student Accounts
Free Teacher & Staff accounts
Email Support
Library of Gratitude Curriculum & Practices
Professional Development ($ ala carte)
Customizable SEL Tags
School Monitoring Dashboard

School Implementation

$3 per student annually
Unlimited Student Accounts
Free Teacher & Staff accounts
Email Support
Email Support
Professional Development ($ ala carte)
Customizable SEL Tags
School Monitoring Dashboard
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Encourage compassion & nurture relationships

5th grade teacher

“GiveThx encourages compassion, kindness, and gratitude, while strengthening each student’s self-esteem and their sense of connection to school.”

Middle school principal

"GiveThx allows students and staff to have an authentic connection with each other that supports a sense of community, personal relationships, and safety. It is an awesome tool in our teaching practice that clearly supports social-emotional learning."

9th grade student

"When I use GiveThx, not only do I feel a lot more appreciated and happy. I also get so much joy from letting other people know I see their strengths."

More student & teacher stories

Give Thanks. Create Connection. Build Belonging.

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Social-Emotional Learning with Gratitude

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Nurture Relationships and Self-esteem

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Increase Equity & Belonging in your classroom and school

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